What Are The Most Effective SEO Tools For Small Business

For a business to be successful, productive marketing and advertising are critical. One of the ways of making people aware of your online or offline small business is through SEO or search engine optimization. SEO strategy can create or wreck your business.These SEO strategies can be quickly and easily implemented using many SEO tools says Fat Rank a leading SEO company. If you are not aware of SEO, here are a few strategies that can help https://www.inc.com/christina-nicholson/the-most-important-seo-strategies-to-use-in-2018-to-boost-your-business.html. in order to grow your business, there are many companies through which you can outsource the SEO for your website. But, if you are a business owner who is hands-on and likes to learn and implement yourself, here are a few tools that can help.
Google: It is the most popular search engine, and it needs no introduction to anybody. But what is necessary to know is that it when the search engine algorithm changes, it impacts your SEO strategy. There are many tools that you can operate to gather and analyze data about your website and increase the performance of it.
● Google trends: Is a useful tool that helps you to compare the business of your competitor with your business. It also allows you to analyze what the user is searching along with the keyword comparison.
● Analytics: This is another tool that gives you valuable data on the performance of your site. You can check the page views, user reachability of your website and demographics of your customer.
● Page Speed: This tool is used to determine the speed of your webpage, it also provides suggestion on how to improve your site speed based on the device which is being used to load the page. Since the speed of your site is critical for SEO, it is essential that the performance is monitored and changed to better it.
Ahrefs: Is another favorite tool among SEO experts as it provides insights into your competitors business. When you gather data about your competitor and analyze it, you can then define your SEO strategy based on that data. They are also used for finding content and keywords. It can also be used for backlinks checking and crawling of your website.
Frog SEO Spider: This is a tool which is a free crawler which will help to find any broken links on your site. This tool is used to analyze the metadata and page titles to find out if any pages are missing or are there any duplicates in your website. This tool can be integrated with a tool like Google Analytics to build your analytics arsenal. They offer both paid and free services, but the features vary depending on the version.
Answer the public: This is another free tool that helps find out what the user is searching for. That also enables you to research on the keywords and also check the overall content of the website. Google trends and Answer the public together can help you find out the latest trend regarding keywords being searched and it compares it with another keyword that you have.

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